What we do

We’re only called to incidents where the patient’s condition is deemed to be “immediately life-threatening”. Such calls can include

  • chest pain
  • suspected stroke
  • breathing difficulties
  • cardiac arrest
  • severe allergic reaction
  • unconsciousness
  • fitting
  • serious bleeding
  • diabetic emergencies

We provide care and support to the patient and relatives until the arrival of the emergency ambulance, which is despatched at the same time we are.

There is also an “Enhanced” level of First Responder.  Upon successful completion of the training and assessments, Enhanced First Responders are able to attend a wider range of incident and call types, so as well as the types of calls we attend as First Responders, as Enhanced Responders we can also be called to:

– Chest or neck injury
– Burns
– Fitting during pregnancy
– Lightning strike
– Fall / jump from height
– Exposure – multiple victims
– Injured due to machinery
– Overdose
– Traumatic injuries

In order to be able to deal with this wider range of calls, Enhanced Responders also carry additional equipment, and are able to recognise the appropriate circumstances and administer additional drugs such as Aspirin, Glucose gel and Entonox (gas & air).

Look at our equipment page to see all the equipment both CFR’s and ECFR’s carry.